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Sewage System In Batnaya Town

Batnaya is a town located in the Tilkeif District in Ninawa Governorate, 14 kilometres from Mosul city. The population grew from 900 individuals in 1967 to 3,331 in 1997. Most residents are Chaldean Catholic Christians, who speak the Syriac language. The forced displacement of Christian groups from southern and central parts of Iraq has also affected the Batnaya population. In 2014 IS occupied Batnaya. The entire Batnaya population fled the town. Since the liberation of Iraq from IS, 125 families have returned to Batnaya.

Anticipating more returnees, the Directorate of Sewerage of Tilkeif District requested MASAR to repair and upgrade the IS-destroyed Batnaya sewer system. During rainfall, the sewerage system overflowed and covered roads with water, so much so that residents used to hire a water truck to get rid of the retained water after each rain.

The MASAR team first assessed the damage and repairs needed. The team then collected data on water-consumption, topography, rainfall-runoff on paved and unpaved surfaces. Having these data analysed, the Directorate of Sewage was assisted in constructing a 200-metre “reinforced box” sewerage system, including maintenance holes and inlets. In addition access roads with a Batnaya checkpoint were constructed. Also, the relocation of the main water supply pipe was provided and road access over the sewer system was constructed.

As a result, the village’s stormwater and wastewater now flow safely through this sewer system to the natural valley without any restrictions or barriers. Other than the current residents, this constructed sewer system can also absorb wastewater produced by future Batnaya returnees.

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