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Tourism in Dreib

Tourism Promotion In Dreib

The beautiful mountains in the Dreib region in the north of Lebanon offer a high potential for ecotourism and its development, which has remained a source of income in a country affected by a severe economic crisis. Together with the local governments, the MASAR-PCPM team worked towards attracting Lebanese tourists to the Dreib area, creating income generating opportunities in the sector, raising awareness among the local communities about their touristic potential and heritage sites, and facilitating better protection of the archeological sites by the municipalities.

Tourism Promotion

The MASAR-PCPM team worked closely with the General Directorate of Antiquities. Informational materials about archaeological and heritage sites of Dreib were elaborated and touristic trails across the Dreib Unions of Municipalities were proposed. MASAR also provided a training for local touristic guides focused on the Dreib area. To ensure better visibility of the region and easier sightseeing, touristic promotional materials about the area were prepared and handed over to the key stakeholders in the sector, including the local governments.

Archaeological sites rehabilitation

Two archaeological sites, Haitla old village in Dreib El Gharby and the Andaket Olive Press in Akkar El Chemaly, were rehabilitated and prepared for visitors. 

Additional Activities

12 local entrepreneurs in the touristic sector were further supported by an e-marketing training.

Towards Project Sustainability

The activities in the touristic sector were implemented based on a strategy elaborated together with the local governments and key stakeholders of the sector. The activities were the first steps to the full implementation of the strategy.

MASAR activities have increased the local communities’ awareness of the archaeological and heritage value of their area while the national promotional campaign increased recognition of Dreib as a touristic destination among Lebanese outside of the area.

Along with the trainings for entrepreneurs and tourist guides, MASAR contributed to creation of job opportunities in the sector.

On the technological level, the use of the now available technologies and GIS system support the Municipalities in their maintenance of the sites in future.

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